Rough justice in the Northern Territory | The Saturday Paper

Sources close to the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA) say its lawyers were surprised to learn neither the Department of Justice nor the Territory’s chief judge had received a formal complaint from the agency about Alice Springs Local Court judge Greg Borchers. That news came via media reports last month, which publicised the bewildering comments Borchers has made in court regarding Aboriginal defendants.
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New satellites show worrying view of droughts and ice loss – ANU

Data from new satellites reveal the alarming extent of the recent drought in Australia and confirms a significant loss of ice in Antarctica, say ANU scientists. Dr Paul Tregoning, whose team developed software to process the first publicly available data from the satellites and track water availability on Earth, said parts of NSW and Queensland, central South Australia, Tasmania and much of Western Australia were drier in December 2018 than the Millennium drought at the end of 2009.
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Hague climate change judgement could inspire a global civil movement | Climate change | The Guardian

Dutch ruling could trigger similar cases worldwide with citizens taking their governments to courts to make them act on climate promises
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Climate change: at last a breakthrough to our catastrophic political impasse? | Julia Powles and Tessa Khan | Opinion | The Guardian

Expecting the Paris talks to succeed is a pious hope: but the Oslo principles, launched today, argue that governments are already in flagrant breach of their legal obligations to the planet
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Strathbogie Inc – Sevens Creek and the community which cares about it


As a result of a biodiversity grant the Euroa Arboretum, the Euroa Environment group and Strathbogie Voices, have been restoring the Sevens Creek in Euroa.

With the recent heatwave the community got out and watered the recent plantings in an early evening.

The program has been running for years and the creek is now grassed with local species.  Bird counts have demonstrated the success of the program.

Communities all over Australia have been doing this sort of grounded work and our environment is improved as a direct result.

All credit to the #citizens.