Vientiane Laos 2015

Seems appropriate to start this post with a comment that the Parisians will not be bent by what has just happened in their city, the city of light and communal struggle for generations.

To Vientiane. Someone said the city had lost its charm.  I don’t know about that.  It is well treed, and kept very clean even if parts of it look a bit the worse for wear. I was reminded of old Havana. 

Two observations about trees in this old part of the city – some of them are named and the streets are lined with them. 

As an indication of the things that unite us I was reflecting on the  City of Melbourne urban forest strategy as I walked about this morning. I don’t know whether people write love letters to the trees here as we do in Melbourne, if they don’t maybe they should?
This is Fa ngoum Road. 


And a walk along that road brings you to the Chao Anouvong Park where I found this reminder of home….Euroa has great old Morton Bay Figs at the Showgrounds and there are still a few alrund our town.


And this one is really is  from home – a eucalypt…..

Our Forests in the Asia Pacaific Region work here with University of Melbourne and others will be an eye opener about how much we have exported. 

But, if you do want neat and orderly it can be found in  the Park and along the boulevards.

The last time I saw topiary this ubiquitous it was in Winton in western Queensland.

The grandeur remains.


As does some of the simple beauty which goes with being in the tropics.

Even the new isn’t really new. But it can be vibrant. 

And ….

#EuroaTALKS 2015: last Euroa Environment Series session – biodiversity and fire

2015 is the watershed year for climate change action in Paris.

2015 has also been a dramatic year for our community in the Strathbogies.

We have had a really good response to our environment series with people coming from all over the state to contribute as community members. Hundreds of people have joined us. We have created a community energy committee and encouraged other work on environmental management systems.

We have also had a great response from people who have come to be our speakers, all volunteers. Some came on the train, some arrived for breakfast.  All stayed for lunch.

Warmth and generosity has typified the whole year. The series is captured on the website
We are polishing our final video with our film crew Tiny Empire Collective. Watch for the post on the StathbogieVoices YouTube channel. And then we are taking it to Paris.
We are starting to plan for 2016….